Is buying a Gmail Account illegal?

Is buying a Gmail Account illegal?

We’ve seen a lot of questions about whether it’s legal to buy a Gmail account. The short answer is: no, buying a Gmail account from a third party is not illegal. In fact, the Gmail account is not even a Gmail account when you buy it from a third party. It’s a sponsored search link in a Google search for a Gmail account–it’s a Google product in a Google account. That’s a pretty big difference.

What happens if I reply “Yes” to the above question? Well, if you’re just buying a Gmail account to use on your Android phone, then it’s fine.  It is only illegal if you use it on any other device or domain.  So if you are buying a Gmail account on your Android phone, it’s not illegal, but if you are using it on any other device it is.  That includes using it on your PC, web browser, tablet, laptop, etc.  I highly suggest you read up on this topic; it’s explained pretty well, and the conclusion is that Gmail accounts are not illegal to purchase or use.


Illegal Gmail Account 

We are one of the very few companies that can say they deliver on 100% of their promise. That is why our customers are the only ones to ever leave a review for us. We are not “just another Gmail account” nor are we “just another email company”, that is why OUR SERVICES ARE LEGAL. We are one of the very few companies that can say they deliver on 100% of their promise.

You’ve probably heard of Gmail accounts, but you might be surprised to learn that there are two common types of Gmail accounts. Some are for personal use, with features like file sharing, photo messaging, and search that is restricted to the account holder. These are called Personal Gmail accounts. Other Gmail accounts are for businesses with features like multiple users, file sharing, and contact management. These are called Business Gmail accounts.


What to do if your Gmail account is illegal? 

Google has helpfully provided some advice on what to do if your Gmail account is being used for commercial purposes, but it doesn’t address everything. The company has a DMCA takedown policy page, which spells out how to handle complaints of copyright infringement. However, this is very vague. It says that users should gather information about the alleged infringement, then report it to Google.

If you use Gmail, you’re probably familiar with the problem of Gmail not accepting certain kinds of messages—like advertisements, signature campaigns, or even just plain text. This is known as an “offending” message, and it can cause your account to be closed or flagged for investigation. The consequences can be serious: Google may shut down your account, and you may never be able to use it again. However, there are a number of things you can do to restrict the kinds of messages Google accepts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding and fixing offending messages.


How to fix your account after it has been illegal?

Earlier this week I broke the news that the CEO of Fiverr, Ravishankar N during an interview, allegedly admitted that the company has been storing people’s personal data without their consent, for years. Fiverr has since pulled the video. While this news is huge, there are still many questions that need answering after this incident. For example, what kind of personal data was being stored? How many people were affected? How many people were contacted? How long has Fiverr been doing this? What steps are being taken to rectify the problem? 

If your account’s ban is due to any one of the many reasons that are outlined in the aforementioned article, then you should contact us at [email protected] We are the host of the world’s largest online community for online video gaming. We are also the people to help you when you’re in trouble. If you need to, just send us an email at [email protected]



In conclusion, there is a strict policy that Gmail accounts could not be bought and sold. It is a violation of Gmail’s terms of service. If you have been purchasing a Gmail account from a third party, you should stop doing so. You may have been buying from a third-party company that may have been compromised. In summary, buying a Gmail account is perfectly legal. Gmail accounts are not owned by Google or by Gmail. Gmail accounts are owned by the people who create the Gmail accounts. If you own a Gmail account, then you can do with it what you want to do with it.


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