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Google voice was introduced by Google in 2009 after obtaining GrandCentral, the genuine owner of the service. It is an infrastructure service that works beside the present phone service as an alternative phone number which provides extra advantages of voicemail transcription, video calls, message options, and call forwarding. The particular number can be used on various devices like computers or laptops as it is worked through the internet. For android users, they can simply download the Google Voice app from the play store, and IOS users can install the app from the Apple store. Sign in through its website with your computer or laptop to obtain a voice.

Google voice distributes all the beneficial services to its user, however, some restrictions are resulting in a downturn. The limitations that users face are:

  1. Through Google’s voice, number consumers will be unable to make or obtain any emergency calls. If a user dials an emergency number then it will show that the number is inaccurate or invalid.
  2. Users will get messages from every corner around the world but they are only allowed to send text messages to phone numbers that are available only in the US and Canada. As a result with Google’s voice number, you will be restricted to international messaging.
  3. By setting up a Google voice number enables users to forward calls from the voice number to your preferred number. Although if the chosen number does not accept or answer your call within 25 seconds then it will be reckoned as a trivial call and you will be directed to voicemail, granting you less time to answer.
  4. Google voice number service does not provide customer service or no phone support to users who might have questions or any problem regarding the service. Though users can get help using the Google groups’ voice forum or through the Google voice help center.


One thing is that you can never fully delete your Google voice account however deleting the account history like call logs, messages, voicemail, etc. You can disconnect voice from your phone and then delete your Google voice number. You have to disable the various parts to successfully disconnect voice. I will mention few steps below that you can follow to delete your voice number. Let’s have a look:

  1. Visit Google voice’s website with your laptop or computer.
  2. Tap on the ‘Menu’ button which will be above your screen and choose ‘Settings’.
  3. Next thing you will see is your Google voice number and then on the left click on ‘Voicemail’ to turn off voice and uncheck the ‘Get voicemail via message’ box.
  4. Uncheck the rest services you want to stop.
  5. On the left, authorize the ‘Do not disturb’ Google voice to terminate any phone calls or rings on one’s individual phone.
  6. Tap on ‘Account’ on left.
  7. Select ‘Delete’ below your voice number.
  8. Tap on ‘Proceed’ to complete the procedure and through this, you can finally delete your Google Voice number if you follow all the steps properly.

After deleting your Google voice number you will have 90 days for the recovery of your number. If you don’t recover it within 90 days, then the number will be given to a different individual. However, you will have access to your previous history if you don’t delete it like voicemail, message, or call recordings. If you have no intention of using it again then you can uninstall the app from your device or if any browser was used instead of the app, then nothing needs to be done.

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