How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I Have On One Account?

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Google Voice

Gone are the days when you had to make calls using landlines. With Google Voice, communicating with your clients, customers, colleagues, and important business connections has never been easier! Google Voice is a free telecommunication service developed by Google that allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere and at any time using any device absolutely free of charge, all you need is the internet. 

This is the era of digital technology and virtual phone numbers are changing the way we do business. Google Voice helps businesses to stay connected, more organized, easier day to day workflow with less administrative work. It’s easy to use phone solution, making communication more effective.


What is Google Voice Number?

Google voice is an internet-based service that allows PC to PC, PC to mobile device voice calls as well as video-enabled calls. Apart from that, other features include online voice mail, sending, receiving, and delivering text messages or email messages. This increases the capability of an existing phone line.

Google Voice provides a phone number called Google Voice number. This number is given to any user with a Google account, through this number, one can receive calls from multiples phones. It functions as a free communication channel, that works on both smartphone devices and the web, where users can place and receive calls from anywhere in the world. It is most commonly used for business purposes but can be used by individuals for personal use. 

Google Voice Number


Features of Google Voice Number

Google Voice’s most important feature is to make use of just one phone number in place of all other existing numbers without replacing any of the other numbers. Imagine it like an operator who connects your calls to all your phones for you. Here are some features: 

Free virtual number

Google voice gives a free virtual number which can be used for all business and personal purpose. You can select the mobile number of your choice for any device, all calls will be redirected to this number. 



Users need to create a Google Voice account online, through which they are able to customize their accounts according to their requirements.  Suppose, if someone calls on a google voice number, the users can select the option whether they want to ring on all their devices, or just on certain phones and or even set the time parameter. 

Receive multiple numbers calls

You have the option to set multiple numbers to receive your calls. If someone calls in this google voice number, all the devices with this number will ring at the same time.

Free SMS and voicemails

Google Voice allows you to send free SMS. Messages sent to your google voice number are forwarded to any selected phone or email set up in your account. You can save and search text messages in email. 

Recording calls, sharing voicemails and conducting calls

Through Google voice, one can record incoming calls, share voicemails through email, and conduct conference calls. Call widgets can be installed on your home page for customers to call you via that channel. This is especially best for customer care and service-related businesses.

Transcribed voicemails 

Voicemails can be transcribed into the readable text; each time you receive a call on voicemail. They can be easily accessed through emails and a web interface. 

Take control of calls and texts

You can take control of your calls and decide who can contact you and when. Features such as screening outcalls, automatically blocking spam numbers such as telemarketers and debt collectors calls and set forwarding rules for each caller. 


Google voice protects your privacy by giving the option of creating a separate number. Only the Google voice number will be displayed online to promote service or when calling clients with exposing your personal contact numbers.


How does Google Voice Number work?

Google Voice is an internet-based communication medium with a broad connection so that you can easily connect to your home, office, or any other network. Basically, it links the traditional telephone systems and mobile networks to connect calls. 

Benefits of Google Voice number for your business

Buy Google Voice accounts in bulk, so that all your communications channels will be unified. Buy google voice account once to enjoy a lifetime of benefits such as

  • Free virtual calls
  • Voice mail transcribed in email form
  • Receive calls from anywhere, anytime whether at home or abroad.
  • Record incoming calls and conduct conference calls
  • Low priced international calls
  • Get email and SMS notification
  • Free texts
  • Allow screen calls 

Where do I buy Google Voice numbers?

Grow your business on the digital platform and enhance your business reach by buying Google Accounts from us. We at pvaeshop provide you with services to buy Google services such as buy google voice accounts or google voice number, buy Gmail accounts at an affordable rate and guaranteed services.

Frequently Asked Questions for buying Google Voice number?


  • How can I buy the google voice number?


Google voice offers a free virtual phone number that allows you to use one local phone number that can be assessed from anywhere and through any device. Simply register for an account, choose the number, and set it up on your desired device. Buy google voice numbers in bulk from pvaeshop to increase your business reach and reap all the benefits at affordable rates.


  • How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I Have On One Account?


Your Google Voice account can have only one google voice number associated with it as this is a general rule. If you are a business owner, buying bulk google voice numbers can benefit your business to communicate to a large customer base. Buy bulk google account services and google voice number from pvashop today!


  • Why does one need google voice numbers?


If you are a business owner and you need to communicate with customers and clients, then you will need the assistance of Google voice. As the first impression is vital especially for new customers, a well-drafted message on the answering system might be the only impression they get of your business, thus must be done right. You can line up and receive calls through Gmail and Wi-Fi, screen out unwanted calls, well-sought SMS integration and recording options, converts, and save calls to voicemails via email.


Why choose pvaeshop for buying Google Voice number?


We provide 100% phone verified accounts (PVA). All our Google account services including Gmail accounts, google voice accounts and other PVA accounts are authentic. You can buy Google accounts in bulk including google voice number, Gmail accounts. Choose from any of our packages and get them delivered within 24 hours.

Guaranteed Service

Guaranteed login and services offered by our expert panel for all Google voice accounts. All PVA accounts are safe and secure ways of promoting, thus you can depend on us to provide you exactly that as all our accounts are authentic and real.

Safe and secure

All our applications are completely safe and secure. Each and every account is created by our team of experts to ensure the authenticity and performance of the accounts provided to you are of the top-notch quality. 

24 hours support system

If you need any assistance, we are available round the clock and at your service. For any query, you can contact our support team through our live chat which is open for 24 hours. Through the chat system, you can inquire about the package to fit your business requirement. Our experts are here to solve any problem at any time. 


Businesses need to effectively utilize a good communication channel to enhance their business strategies and stand out from their competitors, in order to do that they can take full advantage of the various benefits provided by Google Voice number, they can buy bulk google voice accounts from pvaeshop offered at the best price and guaranteed service to promote your business and even for individual needs.


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