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With the increased popularity of smartphones, the digital realm impacts the way one does its business. The main reason is competing for customer’s attention. The quicker you gain attention, the quicker your business will reach the zenith. One of the highly active social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram has nearly more than 1 billion monthly active users. Just imagine reaching those customers using only Instagram, all you need Instagram accounts.

Whether you use Instagram for personal or business purposes. it has become a global platform for brands. To showcase their products, talents, and services to a large group of highly engaged customers. Instagram can play a key role in growing your brand awareness. And, help in introducing new products as stated about 70% of Instagram users spent their time searching for brands on this platform. 

Running a business Instagram page is no easy work, it requires time and energy. Your account needs to be able to grab attention and by that, we mean higher Instagram followers. Let’s be honest here, numbers speak for themselves and customers tend to believe what they see. 

Are you looking for buying Instagram accounts at an affordable price for your business or personal use? Look no further, PVAESHOP is the right place to start.


Instagram Account

In 2012, Facebook purchased the social networking service – Instagram, a visual platform for photo and video-sharing free of charge. Instagram is accessible on any device. Including PC, tablets, and smartphones either through a browser or the Instagram App.

Instagram allows users to posts photos and videos. Users can like, comment, share, save posts. They can follow and be followed by people, brands, influencers. And, stay updated with all the contents and receive real-time notifications when something new comes up. Instagram has a feature called stories. Where a user can post a photo or video to keep their followers updated on their day to day activities. These Instagram stories have a timeline of 24 hours. However, now Instagram allows you to save stories as highlights.

Another additional feature of Instagram is called IGTV, where users can upload videos for a longer time much similar to YouTube videos. Sending private and direct messages from one user to another via Direct message is another feature of Instagram. Through direct messages (DM), users can directly inquire about a product or service and ask related business questions. This is a great way for businesses to increasing conversion rates by offering customer support on the Instagram platform.


Why do you need a business Instagram account?

Instagram gives a huge opportunity when it comes to growing your business. Let’s first find out why you need a business Instagram account.

In order to reach more customers, there are many tools and features specifically designed by Instagram, one of them is the ‘contact’ button. Here you can enter your email, phone number, physical address & location, and even adding website links to your Instagram stories prompting customers to contact your business.

‘Swipe up’ is another feature that you can add to your stories, once you reach the 10K follower’s mark. This allows you to share any link you want with the people on Instagram. This feature can be used even if before reaching 10K followers by running Instagram stories ads, simply include a link! Interested customers are more likely to swipe up to visit your website, Facebook page.

Usually, an Instagram account with a high follower count often receives thousands of likes within a few minutes. Customers base their trust on brands based on the number of followers and likes when making purchase decisions thus buying Instagram accounts can make a difference for your business. Buy Instagram accounts from PVAESHOP today. We offer reliable and 100% real accounts.


Who needs a business Instagram account?

Business accounts are great if you are looking for ways to grow your brand.  Influencers, bloggers, professional photographers, e-commerce brands, lifestyle brands, consultants, authors, and other service-related businesses can benefit from having a business account.



Benefits for your business 

The main reason for running a business account on Instagram is to take full advantage of important analytical data and reporting capabilities about your followers. The insight feature is essentially useful for businesses.

  • Activity: The activity tab allows you to see how many accounts have viewed, visited, and interacted with your profile each day of the last week. This basically means the number of profile visits or views, website clicks. This gives you insights when running promotional campaigns. 
  • Content: Apart from just getting likes, the content tab allows you to see the number of impressions or how many people are actually seeing your posts, stories, and promotional ads. Through this, you can easily track if using certain marketing methods such as using hashtags is increasing your reach. 
  • Audience: The audience tab gives you all the demographic insights about your followers, such as locations, age range, gender. Along with that, you can also get to see which days and times of the day are they most active on Instagram. This can be vital when posting your promotional posts at the right time.


Why should you Buy Instagram Accounts?

The rise of social media has transformed the internet into a digital marketplace. Buying Instagram accounts over the past few years has become more popular and is increasing to do so. Instagram is one of the best advertising media out there. 

Buying Instagram accounts is not an entirely new concept, some might be interested in buying Instagram accounts either for business use or personal use. Buying Instagram accounts for personal use would simply mean taking over an account and changing the profile details to their own. For more business purposes, it would mean the buyer would have to spend too much time and energy in building an Instagram account from the ground up, all they have to is set up the business profile will all their relevant information. They can now easily showcase their products or services to interested people in the same demographic range. Targeting a specific niche is more profitable as then you can appeal to their specific needs.

Incorporating the right Instagram marketing as part of your social media marketing strategy can make you stand out from all your competitors and increase those sales numbers. If a higher attention span from your customers, more brand awareness, higher revenues, and profit margin is what your business needs then you will need to step up your Instagram game. 

Buy Instagram accounts from PVAESHOP and get authentic accounts at an affordable rate with guaranteed results.


Buy Instagram PVA Accounts

Where to Buy Instagram Accounts?

Buying Instagram accounts can kick start your marketing campaigns. Instagram helps in building brand awareness for your products and service to influencing a niche audience without hitting hard on your budget. There may be many sites to buy Instagram accounts, but we have proven to be the best when it comes to buying Instagram accounts. PVAESHOP provides Instagram PVA accounts for business promotion, use bulk Instagram aged PVA accounts to enhance your reach on social media platforms. 

Why choose PVAESHOP?

  • Get the best and secured Instagram PVA accounts in bulk.
  • All our PVA accounts are created by a team of experts to ensure that all the Instagram accounts provided to you are of top quality and performance.
  • Pay and get bulk Instagram PVA accounts delivered within 24 hours after payment.
  • Chat with us if you have any query, our support team is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I buy Instagram accounts?


Yes, you can buy Instagram accounts. All our packages are affordable; we offer all sorts of Instagram PVA accounts in bulk starting at just $30. You will have them delivered within 24 hours after payment.



  • Are all Instagram accounts real?


Yes, at PVAESHOP, we offer 100% verified PVA Instagram accounts. We do not promote any fake accounts. 

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